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Orange - Malta / Valencia

Orange - Malta / Valencia

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If you love citrus fruits, you'd love these Valencia oranges. This fruit is oval and has bright orange thin skin that peels easily. They are known for high juice content and do not turn bitter when sliced or juiced. Valencia oranges have sweet flavour with balanced tartness and tanginess and low acidity. 

Nutrition highlights:

  • Oranges are rich in Vitamin C (one orange provides you 92% of your daily requirement) which helps in collagen production, iron absorption, and boosting immune system.¬†
  • Rich in flavinoids and carotenoids, oranges prevent oxidative damage to the body
  • High in fiber, oranges also help in boosting overall gut health

Ways to enjoy oranges:

  • These juicy oranges make for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up snack
  • If juicing, bring the oranges to room temp and gently rub them between palms to loosen up the skin before juicing.¬†
  • Valencia oranges pair well with nuts, cheese, fish, and chicken and are a great addition to salads
  • The citrusy zest with herbal notes can be used to flavour desserts, cocktails, marinades, and sauces.¬†They also make great marmalades.¬†


  • Oranges do not ripen after harvesting.


  • Valencia oranges last up to 7-10 days in the refrigerator. Store them in an aerated container.¬†




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