Spices & Masalas - don't settle for the second-best

Masalas, or spice blends, are made up of a combination of individual spices and are used to add flavour to a wide range of dishes in Indian cooking. The best masala formulations have been developed after years of experimentation by expert chefs, and use high quality spice ingredients. For example, Garam Masala is said to have originated and perfected in the royal kitchens of Persia, in the Awadh region of India, and in the kitchens of Mughal emperors.

In the course of their mass manufacture, however, masalas frequently:

  • Get adapted to factors such as the availability and cost of individual spices, each adaptation taking something away from the original formulation. For example, the replacement of cinnamon by cassia, or the addition of cheaper coriander powder into garam masalas to bring down the cost per unit weight.
  • Get made with spices of poorer quality. The quality of spices, and therefore their impact both on flavouring of dishes and on human health, can vary significantly based on the source of the spices used. Masalas made with poorer quality ingredients demand addition into dishes in greater and greater quantities, yet without imparting the balance of flavour to your dishes.

Planit’s masalas are formulated to recreate the original magic of the blend through an intensive development process, led by a 5-star master chef. Our masalas are often made up of more expensive ingredients (e.g., saffron in chai masala; Chandan powder in Garam Masala). We use the best single origins for our masalas, such as cardamoms from Idukki and black peppers from Wayanad. Because of this, our masalas are seemingly more expensive than mass market brands, gram to gram.

Mass manufactured masalas may seem a lot cheaper during purchase, but get used in far greater quantities during consumption, yet without imparting the authenticity and balance of flavour the masala's inventors intended.

Masalas get used in minuscule quantities and punch above their weight in terms of the flavour they add to our dishes and the benefits they deliver to our bodies. Don't compromise either benefit by settling for mass manufactured products!

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