Why Choose Us

Planit: A World of Food for Everyone

Planit exists primarily to dispel two myths:

Myth 1: Good food is expensive.

At Planit, we shatter the myth that good food is expensive. We go the extra mile to curate the best possible products that will delight you. Our commitment to honest pricing enables us to make quality food accessible to everyone. By streamlining our supply chain, minimising costs, reducing waste, and limiting our margins, we ensure affordability without compromising on quality.

Myth 2: E-commerce relationships are purely transactional.

We understand that in this fast-paced e-commerce world, it's easy to feel like just another transaction. But not with us. With dedicated relationship managers for each customer, we provide a personalized shopping experience tailored to individual preferences. Our human interface resolves queries and issues, ensuring a seamless and meaningful interaction.

Drop us a message through the Support button, and we would be delighted to engage with you!