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Our product and sourcing philosophy
We only believe in offering our customers the best possible products. To this end, we work intensively at our end and with our suppliers to understand each product at a high level of detail, to define the specifications of our products and the quality controls that we subject incoming goods to, and to offer content that enables our customers to appreciate quality and to prepare and consume these products for the best possible experience.

We work closely with our suppliers to support them in translation of our product specifications into finished products and in their own efficiency enhancement initiatives. This intensity of supplier engagement means that we deal with suppliers as strategic partners, not just vendors. Depending upon the depth of our relationship with suppliers , we prefer to offer our suppliers volumes through exclusive access to our procurement requirements for the products they supply to us. We also aim to make our engagement with suppliers as predictable as possible - predictable in terms of volume requirements, supplier margins, and supplier payments.
What we expect from suppliers
- Non-negotiable adherence to our agreed product specifications
- Collaborative product development
- In case of products where suppliers manufacture to our formulations and recipes, commitment of exclusivity of supply to us and non-disclosure of these formulations to any third parties
- Complete adherence to food safety, environmental and taxation regulations


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