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Apple Kinnaur

Apple Kinnaur

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Nutrition highlights:

  • Rich in water, carbs, and fiber, apples help in managing weight, blood sugar levels and promote gut-health
  • Apples are good source of Vit C, K and several antioxidants that protect body from environmental damage and boost immune system.

Ways to enjoy apples:

  • These crunchy, sweet apples are best enjoyed raw
  • Sliced apples also pair well with feta cheese, lime juice, and cinnamon
  • Apples are also great for roasting and baking


  • While apples continue to ripe long after picking. The ripening only affects the texture of the fruit and not the sweetness i.e. apples keep getting softer but not sweeter as they ripen.


  • Apples keep the longest between 0-4 degree Celsius at 90% humidity. The colder, the better.¬†
  • Pro tip: Keep spraying apples every few days in the refrigerator or keep a wet paper towel to prevent them from shriveling.¬†



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