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Soybean Atta

Soybean Atta

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Appearance: Soybean flour is a fine, light-yellow powder made from ground, roasted soybeans. It has a smooth texture and is commonly used as an ingredient in baking and cooking.

Taste: Soybean flour has a nutty and slightly earthy flavor that blends well with other ingredients in recipes.

Nutritional value: 

  • High in protein: Soybean flour is an excellent source of protein, with about 40 grams of protein per 100 grams of flour. It is a great¬†option for vegetarians and vegans looking to increase their protein intake.

  • Rich in fiber: Soybean flour is a good source of dietary fiber, which helps regulate digestion and promotes feelings of fullness.

  • Low in carbohydrates: Soybean flour is relatively low in carbohydrates, making it a good option for people on low-carb diets.

  • Contains vitamins and minerals: Soybean flour is a good source of iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.¬†



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