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Banana Cavendish

Banana Cavendish

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Bananas are known as one of the most popular and healthiest fruits globally. There are more than 300 varieties and Robusta is the most popular in India. 

Nutrition highlights:

  • Bananas are source of over 10 minerals (incl. potassium, magnesium, and copper) and 6 vitamins (incl. B6, C, and B3)
  • Greener bananas have low glycemic index and help in managing blood sugar levels and boost LDL (good cholesterol).¬†
  • Bananas are also rich in fiber and can help in managing weight

Ways to enjoy banana:

  • Add bananas to your¬†morning toast or pancakes.¬†
  • Top off your yogurt or chia pudding with bananas¬†
  • Pair bananas with your favorite ice cream and chocolate chips
  • Cut down on butter and add greek yogurt and a few extra bananas to make rich, moist yet healthy banana bread


  • Bananas keep ripening after picking. They develop brown sugar spots on the skin once they are ripened.¬†


  • Bananas turn black in cold temperature and should never be stored in refrigerator.¬†
  • They can be stored above 13 degree Celsius¬†

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