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Gahat (Horsegram)

Gahat (Horsegram)

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Macrotyloma uniflorum ‚Ä®

Horse gram, Kulath, Hurali – the local Uttarakhandi dal is known by several names.

A nutritious dal that is had on cold winter days, especially when vegetables are not easily available. Its deliciousness lends it beautifully to hot soups and warming dals. 

Nourishing and beneficial, this dal helps treat kidney and gall bladder stones and is used extensively in Ayurvedic diets.

Uttarkhandis love for this dal is visible in the many ways this becomes a staple in their households in winters. Ground into flour and made into ‘dubke’, as a plain dal or a part of a lovely creamy khichdi. One holds the warming bowl of deliciousness and the dark and long winter days become a lot more bearable.



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