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Jowar Atta (Cold Pressed)

Jowar Atta (Cold Pressed)

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Elevate your culinary adventures with Jowar Atta (sorghum flour). Immerse your taste buds in its subtle nutty flavor and wholesome taste. With its fine texture, it creates soft and fluffy rotis or baked goods, adding a healthy and delectable twist to your meals.

We use a traditional Vedic Chakki to uphold authenticity and heritage in crafting our Atta. Our flour is cold-pressed without heat at 80 RPM, in contrast to other Chakkis that subject the flour to temperatures up to 100 degrees, resulting in burnt germ oil and protein denaturation. Additionally, we preserve the maximum bran to guarantee flavorful rotis without compromising nutritional value. 

Our Cold Pressed Advantage

Mass Brands Planit Cold Pressed Attas
High-speed grinding at 1400+ RPM Low speed grinding at 80 RPM
Temperature can go upto 100 degrees and compromise the nutritional quality of atta No to little heat is generated during milling to give you wholesome atta
Bran is removed for a finer texture and longer shelf life Bran is retained to give you atta that supports gut health and reduces blood sugar spike



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